Entrance to Fass

Over thirty Witthous family that delights us in this feeding center of Madrid with all kinds of German specialties. It is also from this shop which produces and serves its restaurants Madrid many of the specialties that also sells prepared as salads, sausages, breads, pastries, sausages, etc.

In small supermarket stands for the variety and quality of its products, both packaged and prepared.

Beers in Fass Sales and Other Delicatessen in Fass

In the deli you can find delicious German specialties like Wurstebrot the sausage language, or the famous Holstein liverwurst pate multiple varieties. Also good smoked salmon which also highlights its smoked eel and excellent salads prepared like potatoes, meat, with pouting, or slightly spicy devil, not forgetting their fabulous herring in cream or delicious sauerkraut.

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In addition to the bakery to find German pastries and cakes as applestrudel you can find delicious homemade breads where rye and seeds predominates.

In addition to its dozens of preserves and sauces you also have a large variety of beers and liquors to choose and accompany your meal.

Luncheon Counter in Fass Butcher Fass

At the butcher amazing the quality and cleanliness of your cuts are spectacular and his German bacon, shank, or kasler, better known as chop Saxony. Also in the carnage you will find perhaps that is the major attraction of this trade, its different than ten varieties of fresh sausage made diariaente; among many, but to name a few are exquisite of Nuremberg, the Bratswurt, the Vienna, the Frankfurt or the Turinger.

If you like German food and want to surprise someone with a dinner uncomplicated but different, get close to this place and properly aprovisionaros. A little stiff, great salads and sausages with a little sauerkraut will guarantee a good start and a dinner that will definitely be a success.

German Food Store FASS
c / Rodriguez Marin, 84
28002 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 563 74 47

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